About Busted

Cheat Busted is all about people and companies who should be lauded or busted. One example of busted is the Democratic leadership in Maryland a few years back. The Republican governor tried to get casinos approved and was shut down by the Democratic controlled legislature saying it was a bad idea. As soon as there was a Democratic governor, the legislature changed their mind and decided that casinos were a good thing. Rather hypocritical, don’t you think?

This doesn’t mean we are Republican or Democrat, just don’t like hypocrites. You might say the same thing about the current Republican governor, Hogan, who tried to take credit for an improved economy after a few months in office. As if anything he did in the first month or two had any effect on the economy. It was actions by the Democratic governor and legislature that would have caused it if anything and more importantly a generally improving nationwide economy. Local politics didn’t really have that much to do with it.

But this isn’t just about politics, it will cover a lot of different things that need praising or booing. Click here to contact us.