Best Non-profit and Charities in Baltimore

Giving back to society is something that we all aspire to do. A good way to start with that is to find non-profit organizations and charities in and around your area and see what you can do to help them. If you are looking for the best non-profit and charities in Baltimore, you have come to the right place. Let’s see what are some of the best non-profits and charities in Baltimore, what they do, and how you can do your bit by helping them.

Gather Baltimore

Gather Baltimore is one of the best non-profits in the Baltimore area. They collect vegetables and fruits from supermarkets, restaurants, etc. that are about to throw them out, and give them back to society. This serves the dual purpose of avoiding food wastage and also ensuring that it reaches those who need it. Gather Baltimore takes care of transportation and storage as well so that these perishables are usable for instant consumption. They are always open to more volunteers and sources for these products, so be sure to check them out!

Art with a Heart

This non-profit is doing its bit by helping art stay alive within the community- all through the work of one of the strongest networks of volunteers in the region. Art with a Heart displays and sells artwork created by its volunteers, including children. Apart from this, they also have a program wherein their volunteers go to schools and help kids with art. This non-profit is on the path to show how much art means to our society, and what we can do when we utilize its power.

Second Chance Inc.

Employment is one of the building blocks of any society, and Second Chance Inc. knows what this can do for the people in the region. They work towards creating ‘Green Collar Jobs’, which involves taking apart buildings that would be demolished and the remains dumped in landfills. These remains and other reclaimed materials are then sold in their stores at highly discounted prices. The proceeds from these efforts are used for job training and the elimination of barriers between the people and gainful employment. They serve with the mission of ‘Reclaim, Retrain and Renew’.

Casey Cares Foundation

Families with critically ill children have difficult lives, and Casey Cares Foundation aims to help them get through that with little moments of joy and happiness. They make occasions like birthday celebrations, children’s parties and similar times even more memorable for the families by organizing and being there from them. Apart from this, the Casey Cares Foundation also organizes family getaways, weekends together and holidays for such families to help them spend more time together.

Maryland Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts

Maryland Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts provides pro-bono lawyers and consulting for those engaged in the arts, entertainment, and music. They aim to help legal services reach those who cannot afford it. There are monthly legal clinics that provide assistance, referrals and highly discounted legal services to people across different legal matters.